Paul McCartney Narrowly Avoided Being Run Over by Car on The Beatles Abbey Road Crossing

The ‘Tug of War’ musician was almost hit by a car when he returned to the iconic Abbey Road crossing to film a documentary with his daughter Mary McCartney.

AceShowbiz -Sir Paul McCartney nearly got hit by a car on the Beatles‘ iconic Abbey Road crossing while making a documentary with his daughter Mary. She’s revealed her dad was almost knocked down when the 80-year-old music legend was back at the London spot where the bandmates were photographed for the cover of their 1969 album “Abbey Road” for a film called “If These Walls Could Talk” – directed by Mary McCartney.

“The bit where the car nearly ran him over on the zebra crossing, that was so funny. As we were leaving [the studio], I said, ‘I’ll film you [on the crossing],’ and he went over and this car totally didn’t stop for him!” she said according to The Mirror newspaper.

Mary has built a career as a photographer and the film is her first foray into directing with the documentary about the famous London studio – and she admits she was worried about showing it to her famous father for the first time.

She added, “I was really nervous showing the film to my dad. I took him to a cinema to watch it and kept thinking, ‘Oh my goodness, I hope he likes it.’ “

“The next day, I was at an event and somebody said, ‘I saw your dad and he was talking about the documentary for ages.’ It’s somewhere he’s really passionate about so when he heard I was doing the documentary, he was really pleased and it made him think about Abbey Road again and a lot of the stories.”

Mary went on to insist she hopes the film leads to more directing projects, adding, “I definitely want to direct more. I don’t know what that will be, but it will need to be something I’m passionate about, like I am about Abbey Road.”

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