Prince George ‘Counting Down The Days’ To Celebrating His Sixth Birthday With A Lavish Party!

Prince George‘s sixth birthday party will be fit for a King!

As the young royal approaches his the big celebration, a lavish birthday bash is being planned for the milestone on July 22nd, and it seems no expense is being spared!

A source tells Us Weekly that “George loves magic,” and in addition to a bouncy castle, a magician will also be at the party to put on a show, which was Prince William‘s idea. Sounds like it will be chock-full of entertainment for George and his guests! The source continued (below), explaining:

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have gone all out to organize a birthday party for George. has done most of the organizing herself.”

The festivities are set to take place at his Kensington Palace home, with the young royal’s closest friends from school, as well as Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, in attendance! Per the insider, it sounds like George is a great big bro to his brother and sister:

“Although Charlotte’s much bossier than George, she looks up to him. They squabble over small things like toys, but a majority of the time they get along.”

His cousin Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor may not be old enough to play just yet, but we hope he’ll also attend the bash, especially because his big cousins are a fan of the newest royal family member:

“They all dote on him. Charlotte treat’s Meghan and Harry’s son like a little doll and is always asking for him.”

As for food, all of the future King’s favorites will be prepared for the big day:

“Kate’s asked them to make pizza, pasta and sliders.”

The confidant noted dessert for the crowd will include candy, ice cream, and cupcakes. Typically, Kate “generally ensures that her kids stick to a healthy diet, but birthdays are different.”

Especially when you’re the future King of England, you gotta go all out!!

Last year, we got a sweet photo of the smiling kiddo (below), and we can’t wait to see a new one once he turns six:

Apparently, he can’t wait for his birthday either and has “literally been counting down the days” to his party. So cute!!

The confidant continued (below), commenting:

“He’s been boasting to family and friends that he’s about to turn 6 and is so grown-up.”

And he’s an almost-six-year-old who knows what he wants, and isn’t afraid to ask for it:

“He loves nature and building things and has asked for a pair of binoculars for birdwatching and an electric kids’ car, which many of his school friends have.”

Sounds like a fairly modest birthday wishlist if you ask us!

Happy almost birthday, George!!

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