Quando Rondo Challenged By Stranger for a Fight When Hes at Shopping Mall

The ‘Scarred From Love’ rapper, who is signed to YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s NBA and Atlantic Records, is seen getting his items rung up by the cashier when the unnamed man approaches him.

AceShowbiz -Someone has been testing Quando Rondo during an out and about. When the “Scarred From Love” rapper was enjoying his day at a shopping mall, a stranger suddenly approached him and challenged him for a fight.

A new video that surfaced online on Thursday, September 16 saw the 22-year-old MC finalizing his transaction. At that time, an unnamed man walked up to him while recording the footage.

“You ain’t scrap,” the stranger said in the clip. “You ain’t dirty. I said go the bathroom. Let’s go to the bathroom and get a one.” Rondo then decided to ignore the man, prompting the latter to reiterate, “Let’s go to the bathroom and get a one. Scary a** n***a.”

It remains unclear why the man wanted to fight Rondo, who is signed to YoungBoy Never Broke Again‘s NBA and Atlantic Records. It’s also unknown when and where the confrontation took place.

However, Rondo once revealed that he has received death threats in the wake of rival King Von‘s tragic passing. When addressing the issue in a June interview with ALL AROUND TV, he said, “Death threat all you want to, bro, f**k that s**t, that’s just some words, my n***a. Go do an action.”

The “I Remember” rhymer further explained that whatever happens, he will always be with his young daughter. “I’m going home to my daughter and if I didn’t, God called me,” he stated. “But I’m going home to my daughter.”

In a separate interview with ALL AROUND TV, Rondo divulged that his alleged involvement in Von’s shooting made people “terrified” to book him on shows. “Nobody wanna book me ’cause they terrified,” he first claimed.

“That’s the truth. Big bruh, man, so many people callin’ like, man, big bruh. I wish the fans let that s**t go, like, big bruh,” Rondo, whose real name is Tyquian Terrel Bowman, continued. “The longer y’all talk about it…why is y’all hyping this s**t up?”

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