Quavo Rolls Out Birkinz Cannabis Strain, Tired of Buying Luxury Handbags

Quavo is looking to put city boys up 100 points with his new cannabis line called Birkinz – it’s inspired by the super-expensive bags, but he says it’s a much better investment … for guys, anyway.

The Migos rapper tells TMZ Hip Hop he got the idea for the new weed strain because he just “got tired of buying the girls Birkins, so we started smoking it!!!”

Hermès Birkin bags are some of the most name-dropped items in rap lyrics, and they go for $40,000 to $100,000. Some extremely rare ones can even rival the cost of modest homes. Kanye West reportedly dropped $275,000 on one earlier this year.

Of course, Quavo might have PTSD on this subject. Back when he dated Saweetie in 2020, she left him blank-faced and speechless ahead of her “Back to the Streets” record (a song about being newly single) — as she commanded her female fanbase to drop their dudes if they weren’t buying them Birkins.

Now, Quavo isn’t buying Birkins, but paying bills with Birkinz and even did a collab with popular streetwear brand Awful Lot of Cough Syrup.

Don’t expect the Hermes honchos to roll up with the Migos member anytime soon, though. The thought of the real Birkin endorsing his ganja makes Quavo LOL.

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