Queens Platinum Jubilee Celebration blunder as Martin Clunes is misidentified

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebration featured an unfortunate mishap as Martin Clunes was misidentified as another actor.

As he appeared on screen to present midway through the night, the banner underneath the Doc Martin star read "Damian Lewis OBE."

The 60 year old Doc Martin actor was presenting a section of the Gallop Through Time performance at the Windsor Arena when he was accidentally confused with Band of Brothers star Damian Lewis.

Viewers were left "absolutely cringing" by the blunder, which was swiftly resolved.

People took to social media to share their opinions of the live coverage, with many saying that they were less than impressed.

One Twitter user wrote: "Absolutely cringing ITV coverage of the #PlatinumJubilee. My god this woman has served this nation for her entire life and we subject her to this banal ‘It’s a knock out’ trash is shameful. It’s cheap and tacky. Martin Clunes is now screeching over the band. Off to do my ironing."

Another added: "Since when did Martin Clunes change his name. This is dreadful."

A third said: "Abyssmal performance by ITV, editing all wrong, the flaming ad breaks every 15 minutes, Damien Lewis disappeared and replaced by Martin Clunes like a puff of smoke? Slow motion galloping, and no continuity. Turned off."

One viewer joked: "Can’t fault his dedication to the craft, he looks *just like* Martin Clunes here."

Another said: "Hah, I caught that little mistake. Damien Lewis’s name came up instead of Martin Clunes."

Many ITV viewers also took to social media to complain that adverts cutting in and out of the performances made viewing difficult, with some suggesting that adverts shouldn't have featured during the special show.

One viewer complained: "Shame on you ITV choosing through your adverts which bits we can watch…bizarrely after yet another ad cutting back into Martin Clunes mid flow."

Another said: "Watched the Queens Jubilee event on Friday, was excited to watch it on ITV this evening but very disappointed with the coverage. The adverts had finished we joined Martin Clunes midway through his part. This is a special event, could the adverts have been cancelled for one program?"

The Queen looked in high spirits as she laughed and clapped along from the Royal Box, before later appearing emotional during a tribute to Prince Philip.

Her Majesty, who is 96 years old, was also honoured with a standing ovation from the audience to celebrate her 70 year reign.

Arriving to the event in her trusty Land Rover, the monarch was moved to tears at the end of the show as the crowd sang the national anthem.

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