Richard Madeley speaks out on death threats from ‘sad losers’ over GMB appearances

Strictly: Richard Madeley says Ranvir ‘should’ve won’

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Richard Madeley, 64, was tipped to replace Piers Morgan, 56, on Good Morning Britain after the outspoken presenter sensationally quit following public outcry over his remarks on Meghan Markle last month. But the former This Morning host prefers to “sit in for people” instead, admitting he has “all the fun and very little of the responsibility or flak” that way.

99.9% of [death threats] are just coming from sad losers who’ve got nothing better to do

Richard Madeley

In a new interview, he touched on the “horrendous abuse” he got for sitting in for Piers when he was at the helm of the ITV flagship show.

Richard explained how he dealt with the abuse and death threats sent in from viewers on Twitter, saying: “I personally couldn’t give a f**k.

“Far too many younger presenters have been affected by Twitter and cowed by it.

“I remember when I started sitting in for Piers on Good Morning Britain, I’d have a look at Twitter after I’d done a programme and, yes, you get some nice comments but you also get horrendous abuse and, from time to time, death threats.”

While he noted that some comments of a threatening nature should be taken seriously, most in his case were coming from bored viewers with “nothing better to do”.

He continued: “Obviously some death threats have to be taken seriously but from my experience, 99.9% of them are just coming from sad losers who’ve got nothing better to do.

“I’ve not reported any to the police because that would mean I’d take them seriously. They’re to be treated with indifference.”

He added: “If anyone reads this and thinks, ‘Right, well, I’ll have a go,’ by all means do, because I won’t be reading it and even if I did, I wouldn’t give a tuppenny damn.”

After Piers stepped down from GMB, betting agents pitted Richard as the favourite to join Susanna Reid on the panel, but the 64-year-old admitted TV bosses will always go in another direction.

Richard shared in a previous interview at the time: “I got the kiss of death from Paddy Power last week: the bookmakers had me as favourite to take over from Piers on Good Morning Britain, so I can say ta-ta to that.

“The favourite never wins. When the race was on at Radio 2 to replace Jimmy Young, Nicky Campbell was heavily touted and that scuppered his chances.

“Same thing happened when he was in the running to host Newsnight. The eventual winner always comes from behind.”

He quipped: “TV bosses loathe being told by the bookies who they should pick!”

Richard divulged that he believes ITV will be diverse in their selection of the next show host.

He continued in his Spectator article: “My money’s on an all-woman lineup, with a nod to diversity.

“Ranvir Singh, riding high since her terrific outing on Strictly, made an impressive pairing with Susanna Reid the morning after Piers stormed off the set.

“The Morning Show (the US TV series starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon as rival breakfast co-hosts) it was not.”

With Piers’ seat still vacant, fans have now called for Judge Rinder to appear as a regular host afetr he appeared on the show earlier this week.

Viewers tuning in at home were chuffed to see Robert on the show and were keen for him to join the line-up.

One person tweeted: “Could Judge Rinder be a new #GMB presenter?” while a second viewer posted: “I want @JudgeRinderTV on #gmb EVERY.DAY!!!”

Another penned: “Yes @RobbieRinder !! Love this guy #GMB.”

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