So what’s the deal with Angelina Jolie’s ‘Eternals’ character, Thena?

When we first heard about Angelina Jolie’s potential involvement with Marvel’s The Eternals, many outlets theorized that Angelina would play a character named Sersi, who is something like an ageless goddess who lives among humans. But during the Comic Con presentation, they announced that Angelina would not be playing Sersi, she would be playing Thena. Considering that few people really grasp what The Eternals will actually be about and who the main characters really are, we had questions. Well, allow Pop Sugar to try to explain it:

The Maleficent: Mistress of Evil actress plays Thena, a character that has been around since 1976. There are multiple iterations of her character, so it will be interesting to see which storyline Marvel opts for in the film. If the movie follows the 2006 Eternals title, we’ll likely see Thena with no recollection of her history as an immortal superhuman, due to reality warping by a character named Sprite. Instead, she ends up as a researcher at Stark Enterprises and marries a human named Thomas Eliot, later welcoming a son. It’s not until the arrival of Ikaris (played by Richard Madden) that Thena’s true past will be revealed.

So, what is her past? Originally, Thena is introduced as the warrior daughter of the Eternal Zuras, and their relationship has strong parallels to Zeus and Athena. She’s seen bopping around Athens, and is known for her impressive intellect thanks to studying with mortal and Eternals teachers.

[From Pop Sugar]

So Thena is a sideways version of Athena, goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill. Awesome. It also sounds like Angelina will be playing a sideways version of Wonder Woman-with-amnesia, right? Like, she’s a super-powerful goddess but she doesn’t remember that she’s a powerful goddess so she just marries some dude and has a baby and then Richard Madden shows up and she’s like “oh wait I don’t have amnesia anymore”? F–k it, I’d watch that.

Here are some photos of Angelina out shopping with Vivienne and Zahara this week at the Century City Mall. I love how often Angelina has to take her daughters shopping at various malls around LA. Also: this sack dress is like the mother of all sack dresses.

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