Soccer Star Daniel Sturridge Finds Dog After L.A. Burglary

Great news for UK soccer star Daniel Sturridge — who was REUNITED with his beloved Pomeranian after the dog was jacked from his L.A. home Monday in an apparent burglary. 

The 29-year-old, who’s been staying on a home in West Hollywood, had gone to social media to beg for his dog’s safe return — saying he’d pay ANY ransom money to get his pet back … “It don’t matter the cost.”

But, Wednesday morning, Sturridge got a call from someone who claimed they had found little Lucci … and wanted to return him. 

The LAPD tells TMZ Sports … Sturridge is now in possession of the dog and he told cops he doesn’t believe the person who returned the pet is the one who stole him in the first place. 

Unclear if Sturridge paid the ransom money or how the person who returned the dog got possession of Lucci in the first place. 

Cops say no arrests have been made in the case. Unclear if cops have identified any suspects. 

Sturridge had posted footage after the burglary showing a smashed door in his home — the apparent entry point where the bad guys broke in. 

The soccer star also claims the burglars took other personal items from the house. Unclear if those other items have also been located. 

Sturridge recently played for Liverpool and has reportedly made more than $40 million in his pro soccer career. 

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