Steph McGovern runs into trouble as she leaves house ahead of new show Packed Lunch

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Steph McGovern ran into a spot of trouble just before she left the house yesterday morning on the way to work. The mum-of-one faced every working parent’s worst fear when she realised her baby daughter had ruined her outfit, as she was about to head out of the door on day two of her new Channel 4 show Steph’s Packed Lunch.

Steph, who welcomed her daughter into the world last November, opened up about the early morning drama on Twitter.

She told her 404,7000 followers about the incident which involved both food and bodily fluids.

The 38-year-old presenter wrote online: “Day 2. This morning my baby decided to squish watermelon into my shirt and wee on my leg just as I was leaving.”

“I’m hoping this is a good sign for the day ahead,” she joked.

The former BBC Breakfast star then went on to thank her viewers for their messages of support following the launch of her new programme.

“Thanks for all the messages about the show,” she added.

“Love this!” one follower wrote in the comment section of the post, before adding: “Normalising every mother’s routine.”

“The life of a working parent!! At least you noticed!” a second social media user remarked.

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Fellow TV presenter Gethin Jones added: “Couldn’t see the watermelon on the red suit.”

He went on to say: ”Really wanna know what Angus did on his night out in Leeds! Great show Steph”

“Working from home is a whole lot better now your show is back. It’s a breath of fresh air in the middle of the day,” another fan said, before joking: “I hear squished watermelon is the new trend. All the best for today”.

A fourth follower added: “The show is great x loving @MissGAtkinson on with you x.”

Other followers and fans shared their own parenting mishaps in the comments section.

“I was once woken with a warm sensation – yes you guessed it – I’d fallen asleep cuddling my baby and the nappy had leaked. I sat up too quick and he threw up in my bra…it wasn’t even 7am,” one mother added.

“Could be worse, my husband went to the pub with baby sick down his back. Two girls were looking at him and giggling, he thought to himself ‘I’ve still got it’ then they told him.

At least he came home early,” another follower commented.

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