TALK OF THE TOWN: Is Samantha in her pyjamas on InstaCam?

TALK OF THE TOWN: Samantha Cameron models £370 jumpsuit from her Cefinn brand on Instagram – but some detractors think it looks just like a pair of pyjamas

She set up her own fashion label after being lauded for her style choices in the spotlight as the Prime Minister’s wife.

But there’s one aspect of her business that Samantha Cameron has yet to master – selling her designs on Instagram. She presented her first style tutorial on the site this week, modelling the £370 jumpsuit from her Cefinn brand. She told followers that it’s ‘super cool’ and ‘slouchy’, and that she’d definitely wear it to a party or a wedding – though some detractors thought it looked just like a pair of pyjamas.

Samantha once advised me ‘it’s important to have some really good jewellery – you don’t want to look like a waitress’.

Surely looking as if you’ve just got out of bed is far worse…

Samantha Cameron presented her first style tutorial on Instagram this week, modelling the £370 jumpsuit from her Cefinn brand

The Spencer jumpsuit being modelled on the brand’s Instagram page, pictured left and right

If Prince Harry is going to make it big in America, there’s one thing he’ll have to fix – his teeth! 

That’s the verdict of celebrity dentist Dr Robbie Hughes, who tells me Harry’s teeth are ‘a bit gappy at the front, slightly misaligned and not the best colour’. 

He says Harry fits the US stereotype of British teeth: ‘Not the best aligned, shaped, or coloured, almost like we forgot to have some orthodontics.’ 

Dr Robbie says the Prince could fix his ‘snaggle tooth’ look for £4,000. Come on Harry, with your megabucks Spotify deal, you can afford to get those gnashers fixed.

Prince Harry pictured speaking onstage during Global Citizen VAX LIVE: The Concert to Reunite the World in Inglewood, California, on May 8

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