Tears in my eyes Fern Britton details emotional struggle while filming moving new show

Fern Britton discusses her life going 'upside down'

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Fern Britton, 64, is set to return to our screens next Monday as the new host of the Channel 5 reboot of Watercolour Challenge, and she admitted she immediately felt emotionally connected with the artwork produced. In the programme, three amateur artists are given four hours to paint the same scene or landscape.

It’s like music, you feel that prickle, the tears in your eyes

Fern Britton

In a new interview with Express.co.uk, the former This Morning presenter opened up about her appointment to the show, and how she sometimes felt teary when she saw the finished product.

“I always go for the ones with lots of colour but some were just spot on, and you really feel the atmosphere coming through the page,” she explained.

“Very moving ‑ in the way that art can sometimes do things to you.

“It’s like music, you feel that prickle, the tears in your eyes.

“They have encapsulated a moment, capturing that scene.”

She added smiling: “It’s hard to explain but lovely.”

Fern compared the show to BBC’s DIY hit The Repair Shop, admitting it’s “something that turns up and then we feel we need it”.

“Everyone wants to do a doodle and to have tips and information is just brilliant for the viewer,” she said.

The programme was previously broadcast on Channel 4 from 1998 to 2001.

Despite the lengthy break in transmission, it was something Fern jumped at when the chance to present it herself arose.

“I did watch it back in the day when I was feeding children or something,” she remembered.

“But it was such a gift when it landed, it really was.

“The travel and the locations were just gorgeous. Mind you, the first camera link was pretty early ‑ around 7.45am!”

But she’s no stranger to doing live TV.

“I used to do 12 hours of live television a week so I can manage an hour ‑ that’s edited down of course,” she chuckled.

“Even though it’s not live, you have to treat it ‘as live’ and they allowed me to be a live presenter too. Some won’t let you do that.

“Some of them don’t know what I’ve done.

“One younger director said, ‘Don’t worry, we’re not live and we can stop at any time…! I thought, ‘You’re speaking to the wrong person.'”

Watercolour Challenge returns at 4pm on Monday 17th January on Channel 5 with 5 episodes in Yorkshire.

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