Victor Boyce Recalls His Strongest Memory He Has of Cameron Boyce Following His Shocking Passing

Victor and Libby Boyce sat down for their first interview with Good Morning America this morning (August 15), just a month after their son, Cameron Boyce‘s unexpected death.

The two chatted with Robin Roberts about the legacy of their son and explained how Cameron‘s epilepsy didn’t present until his mid-teens.

Cameron had his first seizure at 16, “and then until he had his second one, he wasn’t considered as having epilepsy, and that was when he was 17, going on 18,” Libby shared. “He only ever had five seizures, and the fifth one is what — is the one that he died from.”

Victor added that physicians tried to solve what was causing his seizures, too. However, nothing ever showed.

“They tried to induce him to seize with strobe and different methods. Never seized. And he only ever had seizures while he slept,” he says.

Victor also shared his strongest memory of Cameron just before he died: “I was sitting on the couch, watching whatever, and I hear the door open … And he comes strolling in with his cup of juice or whatever he was drinking and he had just shaved because he had a little goatee and beard, and I was just so happy to see him. I gave him a big hug.”

“And it was just cool that, you know, here’s my now 20-year-old son, just drove up in his car from his house and he’s coming to visit me, and like, I’m thinking this is how it’s going to be. It’s going to be cool,” he said. “That’s my favorite memory right now, because it was the last time I saw him just, like, being an adult and doing his thing.”

Watch their full interview below:

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