Viral Burger King Employee Getting Job Offers After Anniversary Gift Video

The Burger King employee who hasn’t missed a day of work in more than 27 years could start a new career if he pleases … he’s getting flooded with job offers.

Kevin Ford, who went viral after posting a video of the mediocre gift bag he got on his work anniversary, tells TMZ … potential employers have been hitting him up left and right, offering a wide range of career changes.

Kevin says he got a job offer from a company that restores classic cars, but he says it’s not his thing so he passed.

While Kevin lives in Vegas, he says one job offer rolled in all the way from Charleston, SC, where a manager at a restaurant told him it would be an honor to work beside him. The manager’s pitch, which Kevin also turned down, was working at a beachside restaurant with “unbeatable” tacos.

Kevin tells us he has no plans to leave his steady job at Burger King, but if he ever gets the itch, he’s got help … he says a woman from Texas who specializes in resumes reached out, offering to craft him a new resume gratis.

David Spade Donates Thousands to Viral Burger King Employee

There is one place Kevin would leave BK behind for … he says his dream job is making music.

In the meantime, Kevin’s GoFundMe is up to $162,000 and counting … including that $5k donation from David Spade … and he says he’s got real estate agents in Vegas offering to help him buy a home, with one offering to give up half the commission to seal a deal.

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