William Shatner Gets Into Nasty Car Accident in L.A.

William Shatner seems to have a safer trip flying in a humongous spaceship than he does driving a car on planet Earth — evidenced in the fact he got into a wreck cruising the streets of L.A.

Captain Kirk was involved in an accident Tuesday in Studio City, which actually looked pretty bad … from the damage done, anyway. WS was driving his black Mercedes SUV, while the other driver was in an Acura sedan.

Unclear exactly how the two vehicles ended up as crumpled as they were — but as you can see … the woman’s front end is pretty smashed up, with her left wheel at a weird angle.

Luckily, neither Bill nor the woman appeared to be injured … and the 90-year-old actor was quickly on his feet and over with the woman making sure she was okay, while he made some calls and kicked debris off the side of the road.

Cops were called to the scene, made sure both drivers swapped info … and thankfully no one was taken to the hospital.

Remember, it was back in October when Cpt. Kirk made history as the oldest person to go to space onboard Jeff Bezo‘s Blue Origin spaceship … maybe it’s better to stick to the friendly skies.

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