17 Of The Best BuzzFeed Comments We Got This Week

1.Re: two out of the three Jonas Brothers being masters of sliding into those DMs…

“I like the fact that Joe and Nick are totally comfortable with their wives being taller than them in heels, or in general, I don’t know. Some guys don’t like that, so it’s just cool.”


“Love the JoBros but that wax figure of Kevin is very unfortunate.”


“Why do all of Nick’s clothes look like fancy pajamas? He looks like he’s always ready for bed. Is it the slippers?”


2.Re: Lindsay Lohan potentially abandoning her club in Mykonos…

“Next up: Ja Rule and Lindsay team up for LO RULE FYREHOUSE!!”

—[deleted user]

3.Re: The way B.J. Novak looked at Mindy Kaling in her birthday Instagram…

“I’d just love it if sixteen (?) years from now, Mindy’s daughter posts photos of her prom or graduation and tags Mindy and B.J. as Mom and Dad. It would be the best and most beautiful long con anyone ever pulled off: to completely dupe the public and keep their relationship protected.”


4.Re: These 19 horror stories about meeting your partner’s family…

“I feel like the nudist colony one is not that bad in comparison to the rest.”


5.Re: 15 Restaurants You Do Not Want To Eat At Under Any Circumstances

“Don’t you guys go hating on Remy and his pals in #6! They’re just trying to make some ratatouille or something! Let them live their lives!”


6.Re: These darned funny jokes about Christianity…

“Jesus: *comes back and gets PTSD flashbacks from all the crosses everywhere*”


7.Re: This post about a video of Rihanna being amazing and also Seth Meyers happened to be there…

“Rihanna doesn’t like milk, so I don’t like milk.”


8.Re: this call for flight attendants to tell us their wildest stories…

“We believed a toothbrush started going off in this older lady’s carry-on. It was shaking the overhead compartment so much we had to delay push-back and ask her to turn off her ‘electronic device.’ She whipped out not one but three large sex toys and proceeded to dangle them in the middle aisle. She stood there delaying the flight, trying to find out how to turn off her battery-operated friends all while next to a family with young children in matching vacation shirts. I had no training for that one.”


9.Re: news that someone found a literal bear in their closet???



“I’d rather be banned from Chili’s than subscribe to NBC’s streaming service.”


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