17 Tweets About Trader Joe's Cashiers That Are Very, Very True

1.OK first off, doesn’t it feel so nice when your Trader Joe’s cashier compliments one of your items?

2.It’s like, “Yes thank you, I do have wonderful taste.”

3.Also: Why is there always AT LEAST one hot cashier?

4.It really adds to the whole shopping experience.

5.Gotta check those feelings.

6.But really, it’s all about the ~conversation~.

7.Like, ARE they licensed therapists or do they just have a gift?

8.They cut right to your core in the 30 seconds it takes to scan your three bags of frozen cauliflower gnocchi.

9.I mean, is this a date? I know it’s not. But…is it?

10.Should I be worried that I miss that cashier as soon as I leave? IDK. Probably.

11.I just don’t know how they’re all so happy and friendly all the time.


13.This is just very, very true:

14.Honestly the only time it gets tense is when you don’t have your own bag.

15.I can feel the judgement.

16.The shame.

17.But in the end, Trader Joe’s cashiers are near-mystical beings and we should all respect them.

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