19 Things You'll Only Know If You Went To A Catholic Girls' School

1.The name of your school was probably very long, and really, really extra.

Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Technology College For Girls doesn’t really roll off the tongue, does it?

2.The teachers would only ever refer to the class as “ladies.”

Catholic school was a classy place, people.

3.You probably wore a mash-up of Girl Scouts gear and a McDonald’s uniform.

And pleats on pleats on pleats.

4.So naturally, rolling up your skirt was essential.

And your rosary was very important – you had to get to those stations of the cross in style, baby.

6.Your school most likely had a boys’ school right next door, and there was always the rumour that you’d join together as a mixed school.

This obviously never happened.

7.Fridays meant one thing: fish.

Every. Single. Week.

8.Yes, mass did have a habit of dragging on at times, but it was great when it overran into a boring lesson.

A true blessing.

9.And some of the hymns were absolute tunes.

You know you had a personal favourite.

10.But of course, the ultimate mass was on Ash Wednesday.

Why was chocolate always the go-to for Lent?

12.Most people ended up crumbling before it was over, which typically led to a good ‘ole homily about giving into temptation.

It became tradition.

13.We were all guilty of fabricating a sin at least once, just so we had something good to say during confession.

Because there are only so many Hail Marys you can do for fighting with your brother…

14.Bridezillas had nothing on a 14-year-old planning their confirmation.

It was a huge step.

15.And there was always one kid who tried to get away with a ~funky~ confirmation name.

Trying to convince a nun that you feel a deep connection to the soul of St. Hermione is not easy.

16.Upgrading to Holy Communion was the ultimate glow up.


17.Naturally, sex education was practically non-existent.

It was either taught by your R.E. teacher or a nun, and there was a loooot of reading between the lines.

18.And Halloween was also a holiday that was NEVER spoken of.

Trick or treating was strictly outlawed.

19.But of course, Advent was the highlight of the year.

You knew you’d made it if you got chosen to light that blessed candle.

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