29 Funny Texting Fails From This Year

1.This person who accidentally texted a state trooper about picking up weed.

2.This woman who texted her mom thinking it was her boyfriend.

3.This girl who drunk texted herself.

4.This guy who accidentally texted his grandfather when he was looking for weed.

5.This typo that changed the whole meaning of the text.

6.This girl who got a text from a guy she just met, which was meant for someone else.

7.This awkward voice-to-text mistake.

8.This girl who texted intimate things to her dealer that were meant for her girlfriend.

9.This mom who was texting her kids from Summerfest.

10.This guy who had the unluckiest phone signal.

11.This cringey flirt fail.

12.This woman who got a surprising text from an ex.

13.This person who meant to say they filled up their car for $15.

14.This person who was texting what they meant to say aloud.

15.This mom who just wanted some internet connection.

16.This person who spoiled their mother’s day surprise.

17.This person who accidentally texted their boss something that was meant for someone who declined their FaceTime call.

18.This person who accidentally texted the number of someone who was not in the mood.

19.This person who was updating their girlfriend on their Grand Theft Auto progress when they meant to text their gamer friend.

20.This person whose number neighbor did not give them a warm welcome.

21.This person whose therapist threw shade at them.

22.These guys who left their numbers for the waitress on a receipt.

23.This person who was a little too late.

24.This epic middle school break up fail.

25.This guy’s girlfriend who isn’t exactly a cinephile.

26.This dad who totally regretted the ice cream container he chose.

27.This odd exchange.

28.This guy who tried to reach out to his ex.

29.This classic grammar fail.

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