A New Free Digital Pokémon Trading Card Game Is Coming Soon

The Pokémon Company is officially releasing a new digital Pokémon trading card game for users. The app, titled Pokémon Trading Card Game Live, comes at a time when the card game is hitting an all-time high in popularity.

While there has always been a digital Pokémon TCG app that allows gamers to battle online and collect cards, the version is much older and is only supported on tablets and web browsers. The new Pokémon Trading Card Game Live will bring the game to smartphones and promises an “updated digital format.”

TCG Live will not only allow players to build their own decks as well as online battles, but they can customize their own avatars and complete daily quests. The game also allows players to connect their own physical card decks to the online version. Players will have the opportunity to upload the cards they get from real-life booster packs for their own digital deck. The new game will be made available for iOS, Android, PC and Mac users. While there is not a confirmed date of when the game will launch, TCG Live is expected to receive a soft launch for mobile devices starting in Canada and for PC and Mac later this year.

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