Actress Kim Basinger joins demonstrations in Seoul against eating dog meat

SEOUL (DPA) – Hollywood star Kim Basinger and some 100 other animal rights protesters gathered in front of South Korea’s National Assembly on Friday (July 12) to protest against the consumption of dog meat.

The organisers, Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (Care), picked Friday for their protest because July 12 is considered one of the three hottest days of the year according to the traditional Korean calendar.

Many Koreans eat dog meat specifically on this day, as well as chicken soup, in the belief that it helps them best withstand the heat.

The other two hottest days are July 22 and Aug 11.

“It is tradition, but it is against the rights of animals,” said the actor, who was in films such as 1989’s Batman and LA Confidential, in an interview with the Chosun Ilbo newspaper.

Members of Korea’s dog meat association held a counter demonstration nearby.

Several dogs that were bred to be eaten but were then rescued from the breeding facilities were brought to the demonstration.

Animal rights activists have for years tried to push through a legal ban on eating dog meat, which has become less and less popular, especially with young South Koreans, said the Care organisers.

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