ADEAM Introduces ADEAM ICHI, a Gender Neutral Ready-to-Wear Collection

Last year, ADEAM made a statement by collaborating with tennis star Naomi Osaka, showcasing designer Hanako Maeda and Osaka’s Japanese heritage through a powerful feminine scope. Now Maeda, founder and creative director of the brand, is stepping out of traditional design approaches to prioritize experimentation and mixing different influences as well as her own lived experience between Tokyo and New York City. This exploration has led ADEAM into its newest phase, away from social boundaries and any limitations, into a gender neutral, ready-to-wear capsule collection for Fall/Winter 2021.

ADEAM’s latest capsule introduces ADEAM ICHI, which hones in on looser shapes, stronger urban ties and more playful silhouettes. The collection’s versatility comes by way of Maeda’s inclination to experiment, seen in pieces like the Yoyogi Sweatshirt that can be worn as a regular top or with one sleeve for a sweater-around-the-shoulder vibe. ADEAM ICHI leans on the brand’s streetwear language too, with much of the assortment coming pre-layered with combinations like cardigan-hoodies and T-shirt-sweatshirts.

The standout threads of the range are easily the jackets, such as the Shibuya Jacket, which captures the prime stylish comfort of the pieces in this collection, coming in as an oversized, color-blocked, utility jacket, which takes its vintage-inspired front closures and cuts from the brand’s signature Trench Coating fabric. The exclamation point on the series is the label’s new logo, a single ‘a’ for ICHI, which is the Japanese word for one, and arranges as a monogram embroidered on sweaters and an oversized printed on a classic gildan.

The all-new ADEAM ICHI capsule collection is available now, with pieces retailing between $195-650 USD, exclusively on the brand’s website and at ADEAM stores in Japan.
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