American Children Are Acting British After Binge Watching 'Peppa Pig' During the Pandemic

An intriguing occurrence is being witnessed by parents all over the United States. Proving once again that children are like sponges, children as young as four years old are reportedly picking up British accents and phrases after binge-watching the cartoon Peppa Pig — it’s called “The Peppa Effect.”

As one of the biggest cartoon characters in the world, Peppa Pig finally made its breakthrough in the USA during the past year when families were forced to work from home with their children facing zero outside extracurricular activities. Children quickly went from “cookies” to “biscuits,” “gas” to “petrol,” “coffee” to “tea,” and there was even one instance where a six-year-old baked mince pies for “Father Christmas.”

Matias Cavallin comments, “It was almost like a happy accident at a time when I was trying to find a pseudo babysitter during Zoom meetings. It was either Peppa Pig or no work.” The first shock to Cavallin came when his daughter commented on her mother’s eye doctor visit with, “Mummy, are you going to the optician?” While most parents were slightly concerned at first, many are now welcoming the exposure to the different cultures, and the increase in the use of polite expressions like “lovely,” “please” and “thank you.” One mother thinks her four-year-old daughter sounds like a “little lady.”

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