Andy Hui left out of photos with Sammi Cheng and other celebrities

Hong Kong singer Andy Hui is on holiday with his wife, pop star Sammi Cheng, in Britain after she completed 13 concerts in Hong Kong last month.

However, his absence from photos posted on social media of Cheng and her friends in Britain has set tongues wagging.

Hui was caught in a cheating scandal in April with actress Jacqueline Wong, but Cheng said two days later that she had forgiven him.

Hui and Cheng are travelling together with another celebrity couple, singer-actor Dicky Cheung and his wife, actress Jess Zhang.

The four celebrities also visited music producer Mark Lui and his wife, television presenter Jade Lui, both who have migrated to Britain.

Jade Lui posted photos of her with Cheng and Zhang on social media on Saturday (Aug 3), as she wrote, “Welcome to UK! I love you gals so, so much! Never talk enough, laugh enough or love you enough! Best sisters forever!”

It seems that Hong Kong actress Michelle Reis and her husband, businessman Julian Hui, were on the same trip, as she posted photos on Instagram of them taking part in the gathering.

Thank you 🥰@jadebabelovescooking and @mark_lui147 for your hospitality! Such a great time and place. @sammi_chengsauman #我們都是這樣長大的 Just love this song !

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There was one photo showing Reis with Julian Hui, Jade Lui, Cheng and Zhang, and there were two unknown persons in the background.

There were speculations that one of them was Andy Hui, but he was cut out of the photo when it was posted on social media.

Reis thanked the Luis for their hospitality as she added in the caption that she loved Cheng’s new song We Grew This Way.

It looks like not everyone has forgiven Andy Hui for his transgression.

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