Apple Teardown Reveals iPhone 14 Might Just Be the Easiest to Repair Yet

With the release of the newest Apple iPhone 14, the tech giant has made it a point to acknowledge that the phone is designed to be easier to repair in comparison to previous models.

In a new video, iFixit recorded a teardown of the new Apple smartphone which shows that the device has been clearly reworked for fixes to be done by yourself. As promised by the company, the back glass is expected to be easier and much cheaper to fix. In order to ensure that the front of the phone is kept accessible, a metal frame is used. According to iFixit, the new structure of the build makes the design more repairable than other Android phones.

In addition to the back glass, the iPhone 14 sees a readjustment of the earpiece and front camera to a more repairable location than previous Apple iPhone generations. While the repair is simpler, it will still require the help of Apple technicians to provide and activate the parts after installation. Even if there is still a reliance on Apple’s services, iFixit claims that it is still the most repairable device since the 2016 iPhone 7. The change does not come as a surprise since Apple has been facing a slew of lawsuits lately regarding state legislatures and the federal government. If they had not chosen to address issues of at-home repairs, the company would risk forced changes and penalties. Watch the video above.

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