Big Sean and Hit-Boy Take Viewers Inside the Recording Booth in New “The One” Visual

Big Sean and Hit-Boy have teamed up once again to create a music video for “The One.” The single comes off of the duo’s new EP, What You Expect, which debuted late last month.

While October’s elaborate “What a Life” video Big Sean covered head-to-toe in live bees, this new visual directs attention back to the music and the duo’s long-standing partnership. The two have worked together a handful of times over the years since first linking on the Kanye West song “Clique” in 2012.

Filmed in black and white, “The One” takes viewers inside a recording booth cast among the trees, where Big Sean and Hit-Boy jam out while making a new track, before cutting to the two on a scenic hilltop.

“Mountaintop views where the inspiration spews,” Big Sean raps. “Sometimes when you lose that’s when innovation cues.”

Big Sean and Hit-Boy’s EP What You Expect is out on streaming platforms now.

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