Christina Hall Bought a New 5-Bedroom Home Closer to Her Kids — See Photos of the Industrial-Chic Estate

Christina Hall is on the move again! On the heels of her new marriage and very public co-parenting issues, she’s ready to settle into her recently purchased residence in Newport Beach, California. She sold her beautiful Dana Point home after only a year and decided she needed to be back at her home base because she didn’t “love the 90 minute round trip drive to and from the kids school.”

Compared to her last home and the stunning Nashville, Tennessee property she also has in her portfolio, this estate has a very modern, industrial vibe. We can’t help but think that Hall has a vision for this place to make it warmer and cozier. In an off-market deal, she plunked down $12 million for the home, which doesn’t have an ocean view like her last residence. It’s on under a half-acre of land and boasts five bedrooms and five-and-a-half bathrooms in the 6,984-square-foot home.

The estate was built in 2021, so she’s getting state-of-the-art technology for her security system, screening room, and smart-home automation. It just needs some loving details to make the place feel like home because the contemporary design has an overall cold feel to it — but that’s something right up Hall’s alley as a designer and renovator. See why she fell in love with this place and be sure to check out more photos at Dirt.

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