Cindy Bernhard’s “Smoke and Prayers” Is on View at Richard Heller Gallery

Cindy Bernhard is a Chicago-based artist with a spooky aesthetic. Working across mediums, such as air-brushed veneers, oils and pastels, she creates superflat dreamscapes that invite us to slow down and take in the peculiarities of daily life.

Bernhard has just unveiled a new solo exhibition entitled, “Smoke and Prayers” at Richard Heller Gallery in Santa Monica. Quickly one can detect the artist’s penchant for humor and irony through symbolic juxtapositions, such as those used in her painting, Joints and Jesus. “This structure allows me to access viewers through empathy and humor,” said Bernhard in a past statement. However, the artist does not use humor simply as comedy relief, but rather as a “political response and act of resistance to pop culture’s demanding aesthetics,” she added.

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Bernhard’s cartoony cats, ominous skulls, and choice of colors carry an eerie vibe that is a great show to experience before the upcoming Halloween season. Catch “Smoke and Prayers” as it exhibits at Richard Heller Gallery until October 2.

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Richard Heller Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave B-5A,
Santa Monica, CA 90404
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