Discord CEO Teases Native Integration With Ethereum Wallet Metamask

Following a survey tweet asking Discord users whether they would be interested in a native crypto wallet, Discord CEO Jason Citron shared a screenshot on his Twitter page of what appears to be MetaMask and WalletConnect integration features. With a caption that reads “probably nothing,” it should be safe to assume Citron is most definitely up to something.

The screenshot reveals an Ethereum icon under Discord’s existing Connections tab which currently includes integrations with Twitch, Reddit, Youtube, Steam, and more. When opened, links to Metamask and WalletConnect are displayed. Metamask is a popular cryptocurrency wallet that’s used to interact with the Ethereum blockchain, and WalletConnnect allows users to connect the Metamask mobile app to a desktop browser.

Citron’s tweet is in response to an article titled “Discord: Imagine a Place,” written by Not Boring blogger Packy McCormick and The Generalist Co. founder Mario Gabriele. The article discusses the platform’s origin story, dissects the complexities of its offerings, dives into its ever-expanding user base, and calls attention to its slow monetization model. Most relevant to the recent announcement, the article highlights Discord’s unique position as the platform of choice for Web3 entities and advises on how it can capitalize on the opportunity.

“It’s easier said than done, and Discord doesn’t currently have the crypto chops on its team to pull it off, but it could acquire a wallet and the team behind it or hire a team with the promise of unprecedented distribution,” McCormick concludes. Some advantages McCormick mentions include easy token transfers and airdrops for users, and the ability to build an experience around its users’ wallet inventory for Discord. As Citron responded directly to the tweet, he has evidently taken notice of the opportunity, and a crypto wallet integration for Discord is likely on the horizon.

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