DiW Crafts Carbon Fiber/DLC Black Grail Project Patek Philippe Nautilus

DiW has recently given Patek Philippe’s Nautilus 5711 a whole new makeover. Part of Designa Individual’s Black Grail Project — where they create carbon versions of some of the most iconic watches — this 5711 took a total of ten months of development and another six months of assembly time.

The majority of the watch now sees key design components like the bracelet and bezel crafted in complex carbon fiber — reducing its weight from 115g to just 80g. Parts that haven’t been remade in carbon fiber are coated in DLC while the dial is done in matte black. If you look closely at the bracelet, which DiW says was the hardest detail to create, you’ll see that each link is carbon fiber joined to DLC stainless steel.

Limited to just 5 examples, the Black Grail Project Carbon Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 from DiW retails for roughly $210,000 USD.

In other watch news, Bremont introduces the ENG300 movement with its limited-edition Longitude Collection.
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