Dr. Eugenijus Kavaliauskas Winning Ant Photo Is Freaking People Out

Lithuania photographer Dr. Eugenijus Kavaliauskas’ “Images of Distinction” winning photo is getting a lot of discussion on the internet these days. The photo was entered into Nikon‘s Small World Photomicrography contest and is titled Ant (Camponotus), and was shot on his Canon EOS R camera and a 65mm macro lens.

The horrifying photo of an ant’s head close-up is actually caused by the neuroperceptual phenomenon of pareidolia where, due to the composition of the photo, the ant’s eyes have been cropped in to make it appear as if the antennae are the eyes — resulting in a terrifying alien monster’s face. The picture also makes the hairs of the ant look like fangs in a human-shaped mouth, further giving this photo humanoid proportions but with monstrous characteristics.

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