Everyone Is A Combination A Greek God And Goddess — This Is Yours

  1. Getty The ability to eat and never gain weightThe ability to take back a cringeworthy textNever having to sleep, but always being restedFree, unlimited dataThe ability to forget your exes existedThe ability to go back in time and change one big mistake
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    MinotaurVia Boris Vallejo

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    CyclopsVia Pellegrino Tibaldi

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    MedusaVia Caravaggio

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    CerberusVia Blake Williams

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    ManticoreVia 20th Century Fox

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    SphinxVia Francois Xavier Fabre

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    MelomakaronaVia en.wikipedia.org

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    FasoladaVia Getty

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    GyroVia Getty

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    SpanakopitaVia Getty

  5. Getty No running waterNo electricityNot being able to use a phoneNo internetNot being able to travel efficientlyLimited food choices
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