Forza Motorsport looks like it's going to miss its June release date

A launch window for Forza Motorsport should finally be revealed at the June showcase, but what are the odds it’ll be out the same month?

Microsoft may have been a bit too confident in its promise to have every game it showed during its June 2022 showcase out within the following 12 months. Redfall made it out on time, but its various bugs and harsh player feedback suggested it still needed more time in the oven, and yet apparently Microsoft felt like it had to rush it out anyway.

Several games still don’t have exact launch windows, let alone release dates, and yet Microsoft’s deadline is now just over a month away. The likes of Starfield and Hollow Knight: Silksong have already been delayed, with the former slated for September and the latter admittedly not under Microsoft’s control.

Now, it’s looking more likely that its next Forza Motorsport game won’t be out until after June, as developer Turn 10 Studios has confirmed its presence at next month’s showcase and a separate showcase a couple days after.

This comes via a recent post from the game’s official Twitter account alongsidethe newly revealed box art.

‘We’re excited to confirm your Forza Motorsport cover cars – meet the stunning 2023 No. 01 Cadillac Racing V-Series.R and 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray,’ it reads.

It goes on to remind fans to tune into the Xbox showcase on June 11 for an ‘up-close look at the cars’ and that there’ll be a full walkthrough of the game’s single-player in a Forza Monthly livestream on June 13.

Regardless, Microsoft’s been under increasing pressure to deliver on first party titles and exclusives. Fans weren’t thrilled with its 2022 output and 2023 so far hasn’t been that much better, with January’s surprise launch of Hi-Fi Rush being the most positive buzz it’s had in years.

Forza Motorsport is scheduled to launch for Xbox Series X/S and PC later this year.

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