Gundam Releases New Anime Short To Promote Japan's Newest Life-Sized Statue

Gundam has released a promotional video as a part of the official unveiling of Japan‘s newest life-sized statue set to debut in Fukuoka later this year.

Recently, NHK gave fans a closer look at the new Gundam statue, coming to Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Fukuoka in Spring 2022. The promotional video is in the format of a short anime clip posted to the Gundam YouTube channel seemingly showcasing the CG-animated version of the updated Nu Gundam figure. The Gundam can be seen firing off its single, long-range funnel at a capital ship prior to engaging in combat with a New Zeon Geara Doga unit. The anime short also shows off new details that will be seen on the physical statue, including a new rifle and an upgraded version of the Amuro unicorn emblem.

The statue was initially announced in Summer 2021 and garnered some backlash from the Gundam fandom. Compared to Yokohama’s RX-78-2 and Tokyo’s RX-o Unicorn Gundam, the Nu Gundam has received major redesigns from its original appearance in the 1988 Char’s Counterattack. The changes were made due to the fact that the original design was too difficult to execute in reality. Nu Gundam’s color schemes were changed from the original black-and-white design to a bright blue, red and yellow color scheme to match the original RX-78-2.

Take a look at the promotional video above.

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