Honda Unveils Plan To Launch 10 Electric Motorcycles by 2025

Honda has an ambitious aim to further electric motorcycles over the course of the next few years. The company has announced its intent to roll out 10 or more commuter and FUN electric motorcycle models across the world by 2025 alone.

The news comes as part of Honda’s overarching goal to achieve carbon neutrality for all of its motorcycles by the 2040s. As the largest motorcycle manufacturer globally, the company intends to focus on environmental strategies for the motorcycle business and the advancement of internal combustion engines.

Honda said it will work towards carbon neutrality by “offering products with new value by leveraging the high level of compatibility of software technology and electrified models.” By creating 10 new motorcycles, the company also wants to hit annual sales of its 1 million electric models within the next five years and 3.5 million models as of 2030.

Future electric motorcycles will cater to a variety of driver needs. Honda will develop two commuter EV models for launch in Asia, Europe and Japan in 2024 and 2025. Overall, the company is exploring models that will be equipped with a power source besides swappable batteries.

Citing the popularity of EMs and EBs models in China, the world’s largest electric motorcycle market, Honda will additionally create five compact and affordable EM and EB models between now and 2024.

The company is also building upon electrical models in the FUN category, developing three full-size FUN EV models in the U.S, Japan and Europe between 2024 and 2025, as well as a FUN model specifically for kids.

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