How to Host a Relaxed Breton-Style Summer Lunch

Benoît Rauzy and Anthony Watson, the founders of the design studio Atelier Vime, celebrated a long-awaited reunion with friends at their home in the French countryside.

By Aimee Farrell

In a secluded hamlet near Audierne in northwestern France, with grounds that slope gently down to the Goyen River, sits the late 18th-century Breton farmhouse of Benoît Rauzy and Anthony Watson. Though raised in Paris, Rauzy has spent vacations in this windswept corner of Brittany ever since his parents bought the whitewashed, blue-shuttered house — and the surrounding two acres of meadow, orchards and sheltered gardens — in the 1960s. The salty air that blows through the property is still scented by the roses and hydrangeas Rauzy’s father, Jacques, planted there more than 40 years ago.

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