Hugh Jackman Reacts To His Wolverine Audition 20 Years Later

He may be a superhero, but even Wolverine has embarrassing home videos.

On “The Tonight Show” on Tuesday, Jimmy Fallon broke out some of Hugh Jackman’s old photos and videos, including his original audition for the part of Wolverine. See it above at about the 7:30 mark.

“A little more magician than Wolverine,” Jackman joked after seeing his tape.

The actor debuted as the character in “X-Men” two decades ago, back when Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was an assistant who drove him to dinner and the airport.

But he vividly remembered the story of what he called his “Hail Mary” 1999 audition. Jackman said the whole thing lasted about 20 seconds and he was “pretty sure” he wasn’t going to get the part. 

The highlight, however, is Jackman’s reaction to the audition video. The clip is old enough to be buried deep in the Wolverine archives, but this little cringe is forever.



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