HUMAN MADE Drops its 2021 "HOLIDAY" Capsule Collection

NIGO‘s HUMAN MADE has released its “Holiday” capsule consisting of a series of cozy apparel packaged in special drawstring bags and boot-shaped gift wraps.

The festive collection is highlighted by its loungewear featuring two zip-up hoodies and COZY PANT sets in blue fitted with soft and fluffy yarn, and a jacquard Cowichan sweater featuring HUMAN MADE’s heart logo in the front and duck motifs on the back. Other apparel pieces include round-body duck sweatshirts and T-shirts displaying the moniker “Gears for futuristic teenagers,” and Christmas accessories incorporate plush dolls, magnetic crocheted duck ornaments, yarn duck socks, and mugs.

The capsule collection is now available on the HUMAN MADE website and offline stores. The “2022 HMMD Calendar” will be gifted to those who place an order of over ¥5,000 JPY (approximately $44 USD) while supplies last.

In other fashion news, Noah and Keith Haring release a festive Christmas capsule.
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