If You've Done 17/19 Of These Things, Then You're Truly A "Harry Potter" Fan

  1. You’ve read the first bookYou’ve read all of the booksYou cannot pick a favorite bookYou’ve watched every single movieYou can tell the difference between Fred and GeorgeYou know what the big three isYou ship Neville and LunaYou’ve been to Harry Potter studios LondonAnd you’ve been to Harry Potter World in FloridaYou’ve tried butterbeerYou know what a Pygmy Puff isYou know the names of all the MalfoysYou can name at least 11 professorsYou can name all of the PeverellbrothersYou can name 10 of the actorsYou know where J.K. Rowling is fromYou have played Harry Potter trivia pursuitYou’ve successfully done a Harry Potter D.I.Y projectYou went to a bookstore the night a new Harry Potter book was published

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