Immerse Yourself In Cooler Master's Orb X Gaming Pod

With video games becoming more and more sophisticated and realistic, gamers are looking for new ways to completely immersive themselves. To help you with this, Cooler Master has now created the Orb X gaming pod, a wraparound throne allowing you to dive into your games without distraction.

As its name suggests, the entire pod is curvaceously shaped like an orb, wrapping around to form a semi-enclosed cockpit to provide uninterrupted privacy. With just one touch, the upper dome will lower itself to bring into position either a single 49-inch monitor or an array of three 27-inch displayers depending on your setup preferences. Your PC or console can be stored in a concealed space by the rear to keep everything looking sleek, while a 2.1 surround sound system brings out premium audio while you’re fending off enemies. The ergonomic chair itself is also adjustable, with six different configurations offering lumbar support. Of course, the Orb X can also double as a working station for those work-from-home days to keep you just as productive.

There’s currently no official pricing information for the Orb X, but those interested can learn more over on Cooler Master’s website.

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