Jennifer Coolidge just delivered yet another iconic speech at the Critics Choice Awards

Taking to the stage at the Critics Choice Awards last night, Jennifer Coolidge used her acceptance speech to remind her fans that it’s “not over until it’s over”. 

Jennifer Coolidge has been everywhere recently – and for good reason. Fresh from her much-loved performance in season two of the critically acclaimed series The White Lotus, Coolidge took home the award for best actress in a limited series at the Golden Globes last week, beating out the likes of Daisy Edgar-Jones and her White Lotus co-star Aubrey Plaza to claim the prize.

But her win wasn’t the only thing that got people talking. In fact, it was her acceptance speech, which was equal parts hilarious and emotional, that went viral soon after she delivered it.

And now, Coolidge has done it again. After claiming yet another award for best supporting actress in a drama series at last night’s Critics Choice Awards, she took to the stage to deliver a speech that has been spreading on social media ever since – and it’s not hard to see why.  

“Thank you very much,” Coolidge began. “Thank you, Critics Choice Awards. I just want to thank you. I know you’ve heard a lot from me this last month or two, but I just want to say this is such an honour.

“This is really kind of as good as it gets, the critics. Not from just the east and the west coast on the east coast but all over the country voting on this and I just want to say thank you.”

Coolidge took to the stage alongside best supporting actor in a limited series winner Giancarlo Esposito.

Acknowledging the attitude that’s long been held towards older women in Hollywood, Coolidge added: “I just want to say to all the people out there, for anyone that’s sort of given up hope, I hope this gives you inspiration. It’s not over until it’s over. It’s not over till you’re dead… Thank you so much.” 

While Coolidge may have been making fun of the way the film and TV industries treat older women, her speech is a powerful reminder of the capacity we have to reinvent ourselves – even when we feel like it’s impossible or ‘too late’.

Indeed, as Coolidge explained in a post-awards interview with Entertainment Tonight: “I feel so alive, you know? You go through your life, and you sort of just assume you’re used to going a certain way and you just take on whatever that baggage is and that it’s never going to change.”

She continued: “I’m not saying it all has to be about winning awards for happiness, but to get another shot. To get to play a role like Tanya in The White Lotus, I could never have ever foreseen that moment happening.” 

After years of hard work, it’s incredible to see Coolidge getting the success and recognition she deserves – and we can’t wait to see what she gets up to next.

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