Kate Middleton & Prince William Might Have Had a Stressful Morning Leading Up to King Charles III's Coronation

One of the most curious moments during King Charles III’s coronation came just moments before the ceremony started. There seemed to be some sort of snafu in the scheduling when King Charles and Queen Camilla arrived ahead of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Were they late? Or were the king and queen early?

The timing on a historic day like this is of utmost importance, especially since William, Kate, and their three kids, Prince George, 9, Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince Louis, 5, couldn’t just come waltzing down the aisle after the king and queen on their big day. Even Today Show anchor Savannah Guthrie seemed puzzled when she said on the air about the Waleses, “We frankly expected to see them before this moment. So we will see how all this unfolds.”

Charles didn’t look too pleased to be stuck in Diamond Jubilee State Coach in front of Westminster Abbey with nothing to do — it was awkward, and the cameras were capturing the moment. The palace has not offered any comment about the situation, but viewers saw it written all over Kate and William’s faces — it looked like it was a tough morning for them. George likely had to be out the door first to prep for his Page of Honor role with his grandfather, but that still left four members of their family to get out the door and hustle over to the coronation. If one thing went wrong — a child meltdown or a broken zipper on a dress — there was little wiggle room.

No matter what happened, most families can relate to those days when nothing seems to go right and it’s just going to be impossible to get there on time. Of course, not everyone’s family member is about to be crowned the King of England, but a little tardiness didn’t spoil a grand day for anyone.

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