Larry Bell Presents a New Set of Glass Sculptures at Hauser & Wirth

Larry Bell is an acclaimed American artist best known for ethereal glass sculptures that heighten our perceptions to the surrounding space. As one of the leaders of California’s “Light and Space” movement of the 1960s, Bell earned an international reputation for his meticulous treatment of glass and explorations of light, reflection and shadow.

Hauser & Wirth London is showcasing a new body of work from Bell’s Deconstructed Cube and Open Box series. For the first time, the artist has utilized techniques from both his smaller and monumental studies to create visually complex sculptures comprised of layered reflections, quadrates and converging hues, while maintaining the form and physicality of the glass.

“Although we tend to think of glass as a window, it is a solid-liquid that has at once three distinctive qualities: it reflects light, it absorbs light, and it transmits light all at the same time,” said the artist in a statement.

“Larry Bell: New Work” is on view in London until July 30.

Also on view, Jin Jeong presents “Grounded” at Half Gallery.

Hauser & Wirth
23 Savile Row,
London W1S 2ET
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