Los Angeles Rams' Cam Akers To Miss 2021 NFL Season Due to Injury

Los Angeles Rams‘ top running back has suffered a torn Achilles during training camp, forcing the star athlete to miss the upcoming 2021 NFL season.

Last year, Akers finished the season as the Ram’s leading rusher. The season saw the young player average 6.3 attempts per game to over 20 in the latter part of the season. From Week 13 through to the Super Bowl LV, Aker had 645 rushing yards, the fourth most in the entire NFL. It gave the Rams plenty of hope for the 2021 season, which was expected to place Akers at the focal point of the Rams’ playbook.

In a press appearance earlier this week, Coach Sean McVay said, “We’ve got some young backs on our roster that I’m intrigued about seeing how they handle this opportunity. I don’t know that the veteran route is something that we would rule out, but it’s not something that we’re immediately looking to address right now.”

For the time being, the Rams might have to place their hope on another backfield committee. Under Coach McVay, the Rams made the playoffs in each of the three seasons with the team averaging 120-plus rushing yards. Though Akers will not join his team on the field, the team’s acquisition of quarterback Matthew Stafford still gives them a contending chance at the Super Bowl next season.

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