Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama Team Up for an Ethereal Night in Hong Kong

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Performances were aplenty, as artist Jing Pang showcased “The Glamorous Turbulence” — a dynamic piece that comments on the dualities of life — from the connections between the body and spirituality, subject and object, the active and passive, limitation and freedom, past and future, being and nothing. Hong Kong composer Fung Lam complemented the performance through a rendition of “Listen to Kusama” — a dramatic score that draws on dance and theater. As the dial ticked up a notch, DJ duo JVSY turned up the crowd to a blend of house, techno, electronica and nu-jazz, while visual artist moon.noon created abstracted vignettes from data, light and sound.

Ten years after their first collaboration, Kusama and Louis Vuitton took the notion of timeless quality, emblematic of both the artist and fashion house, and propelled it towards the infinite.

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