Man compares lipstick to something very sexual – and everyone is very confused

It seems that not a day goes by without a tweet sparking outrage and today's post has certainly riled people up – and left them feeling rather baffled at the same time.

A man has taken to the social media platform to share his thoughts on women wearing lipstick in the work place.

And it's fair to say his message hasn't gone down too well.

Stefan Molyneux, the host of Freedomain Radio, appeared to compare women wearing lipstick in the business world to a man showing up to a meeting with a giant artificial boner.

He said: "So strange. Do you know that female lipstick simulates sexual arousal?

"Can you imagine a man showing up for a business meeting with a giant artificial boner straining at his pants?

"Yet lipstick is perfectly acceptable in the business world."

His bizarre tweet quickly went viral with over 3,200 likes and hundreds of retweets.

But many were unsure exactly what point he was trying to make.

"What the everloving f*** are you talking about," asked one confused user.

"This doesn't even make any sense," replied someone else.

A third person wrote: "Dude what the f*** are you talking about?"

Another responded saying: "So many questions! Is there 'male lipstick'? Does 'female lipstick' stimulate sexual arousal in the wearer or the observer? Where can I buy some? What is an artificial boner? Who are you? Why is this in my feed?"

Someone else advised Molyneux that "everyone has random weird thoughts. It's okay not to share them on Twitter ."

However there was one person who claimed to understand the tweet.

They said: "There's a ton of people in the comments thinking they're dunking on him by calling him an easily aroused incel.

"He's not saying red lipstick makes men horny, he's saying it simulates women being horny. I don't know why everyone thinks they're being clever by misreading him."

This isn't the first time the radio host has caused controversy on Twitter.

Last week he sparked backlash after he encouraged women to get married and have babies young, then focus on their careers.

His full tweet read: "Ladies, by the time you are 30, 90 percent of your eggs are dead.

"Get married young, have your babies, THEN have your career. You have 40 years to work if you want to, you only have a short time to have children.

"Listen to Mother Nature – she loves you and wants you to be happy."

Unsurprisingly many were unimpressed by the whole thing.

One person said: "This is such interesting advice from a man who doesn't have a vagina."

Another replied: "Aside from the mind numbing advice that women should have children by 30 you also advise women to get married early. Yeah, great advice. Marry young, have a couple of kids, probably get divorced, be a single mother and then try and have a career. Perfect."

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