Mercedes-Benz's Concept EQT Makes us Want a Van

Mercedes-Benz continues to convince the world that electric cars can be stunning, even in van form apparently. The German marque has recently explored electric drivetrains with the gorgeous EQS and EQC, and now it looks to take on the world of vans with its Concept EQT.

The Concept EQT is the near-production-ready preview of what will be Mercedes-Benz’s new T-Class, taking over from its V-Class van. Like the V-Class, the EQT is something of a luxury van and is sure to be used as a platform for luxury travel, carrying up to seven people in comfort and style.

It’s instantly recognizable as a Mercedes-EQ family member, with its black panel front with LED front headlights blending seamlessly into the sides as the star pattern glistens on the front. There are 21” wheels, a panoramic roof, an electronic longboard at the rear, and LED strip lights at the rear as well, which all add to the muscular and modern look of this contemporary electric van.

White Nappa leather encompasses the interior while ambient lighting, galvanized materials, and high-tech solutions and touch screen buttons and panels all come together for a considerably modern look. You can operate everything from the infotainment system or by calling out “Hey Mercedes,” while things such as the navigation, driving modes, charging current, departure time, energy flow and consumption histograms can all be displayed on the screen.

As of writing, Mercedes-Benz is hoping to launch the T-Class in 2022, with the fully-electric EQT coming shortly after that for private customers. Take a look at the Concept EQT above.

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