Netflix Builds on Gaming Lineup With Mobile RPG ‘Relic Hunters: Rebels’

Netflix has expanded its game lineup with the addition of a new title. Billed as an action-packed RPG, Relic Hunters: Rebels hit the streaming platform on May 3.

The game arrives as the first-ever mobile game from developer Rogue Snail’s Relic Hunters franchise. Users can play as one of the game’s four fighter characters — Jimmy, Ace, Pinkyy or Raff. Tasked with defeating the evil Duncan Empire, they’ll have the opportunity to craft and collect a variety of weapons, each with its own special abilities.

In an interview celebrating the launch of Relic Hunters on Netflix, Rogue Snail CEO Mark Venturelli said that the studio “tried to make a game that would run easily on older phones, so we could reach a wider audience in places where people can’t afford a new device every year.”

He also hinted at the potential for discovering easter eggs in Relic Hunters: Rebels that relate to Relic Hunters Zero and the upcoming Relic Hunters Legend.

The streamer has been slowly building on its gaming initiatives over the past few years with titles such as Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and Cat Burglar. Last month, it added Trivia Quest, an interactive daily trivia experience.

Netflix users can download Relic Hunters: Rebels from the streamer’s mobile app or directly from the Apple or Google app stores.

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