Netflix Introduces Allowing Users to Add Public Game Handles

Netflix has introduced the ability for users to add gamertags to their profiles, leaning into a more personalized gameplay experience on the platform. The game handles will function as a public username across Netflix game titles.

The gamertags will also add to the social experience of gaming on Netflix, allowing players to get to know each other through one another’s username. The streamer offers a growing selection of multiplayer titles, such as Rival Pirates and Lucky Luna.

Users on both iOS and Android devices can add gamertags in the Netflix app. For Android owners, the feature can be selected through the game navigation tab, while iOS device users will be able to add their gamertag within the game itself.

Netflix noted that the “feature is only the beginning in building a tailored game experience for our members around the world,” foreshadowing that the streamer will continue to invest in the social and interactive experience of its gaming sector.

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