Netflix Releases Official Trailer for Pornhub Documentary 'Money Shot'

Netflix has released the official trailer for its upcoming documentary, Money Shot: The Pornhub Story.

The documentary chronicles the story of how one of the world’s most visited websites, Pornhub, has been at the center of censorship and sex trafficking scandals. In the trailer, audiences catch a glimpse of interviews with sex workers, activists as well as ex-employees of the porn giant. Netflix’s synopsis states that the documentary “offers a deep dive into the successes and scandals of Pornhub.” Specifically, Money Shot narrates how the porn site has fundamentally changed the way the adult entertainment operates and how it is perceived. The website has amassed billions of views and has reached a broad range of audiences around the world. By placing erotic content at the center, the company is responsible for turning pornography multi-billion-dollar industry.

Money Shot aims to explore the lesser-known side of the industry, uncovering the allegations of sex trafficking and non-consensual material on the website, and subsequently Pornhub‘s crackdown of its own content. The trailer presented a glimpse of an interview that shared, “Knowingly profiting from sex trafficking is what we believe they are liable for. The more I explored, the more aghast I became. I found too many cases of kids whose worst moments were preserved in amber.”

Watch the full trailer above. Money Shot: The Pornhub Story premieres on Netflix on March 15.

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