Netflix's New 'Baki Hanma' Trailer Welcomes the Ultimate Father-Son Brawl

Netflix recently unveiled the second official trailer for Baki Hanma, the third installment of the anime series based on the highly-acclaimed manga Baki by Keisuke Itagaki.

In the upcoming season, Baki challenges his father Yujiro, commonly referred to as “the strongest creature on Earth,” after the Great Raitai Tournament Saga, making way for a brutal father-son face-off.

“After overcoming countless intense battles with powerful enemies, the time is finally ripe for Baki to face his father, Yujiro Hanma,” the official synopsis reads. “Before this battle, Baki chooses Biscuit Oliva—also known as Mr. Unchained—as an appropriate sparring partner.”

The plot unfolds while Olivia is incarcerated in a prison called the “Black Pentagon,” infamously known as the home for the most violent criminals. In order to engage in battle with Olivia, Baki must get himself behind the prison’s dangerous bars. But after successfully accomplishing exactly that, the fighter gains a much larger list of foes that he must face off against.

The new season is named after the Baki Hanma manga, which debuted as the third series in Itagaki’s popular 1991 Baki the Grapper saga. The action-packed series has since sold 85 million copies worldwide.

Directed by Toshiki Hirano, the visionary behind Magic Knight RayearthBaki Hanma will be available exclusively on Netflix on September 30.

Watch the trailer above.

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